Earlier today, Mozilla released Firefox 12 for Windows, Mac and Linux. The new version offers no major changes on the surface, but the browser has finally got support for silent updates.

The competitor Google Chrome has offered silent updates since the browser was released in 2008. According to Mozilla, Firefox will be using a better technology for silent updates compared to Chrome.

When Chrome is updated it installs the code in the user’s folder within Windows. This allows Chrome to avoid the security feature UAC in Windows that requires the updated files to be approved by the user first.

“We chose not to because it can be an administrative headache for some people who manage updates themselves and have to maintain an installation for every user,” Brian R. Bondy from Mozilla wrote in a blog post.

The full implementation of silent updates, however, will not be ready until Firefox 13, which is scheduled to ship June 5, or Firefox 14, set to ship July 17. This means that in Firefox 12, users must still approve the updates before installing them.

Today is also the deadline for Firefox 3.6, which as of now has retired and will not receive any further security updates.

Firefox 12 is available now for download here.

(via IDG News)