Although the web browser Chrome for Android is still in a beta version, it has managed to become quite popular. One reason could be that Google allows the users to partially control the direction of the development of the browser. The app has just been  released in a new beta version with even more exciting news.

Among the most useful is that you can now choose to view the full desktop version of a web page, rather than custom mobile page. There has also been added support for 31 additional languages.

Google has also added a new bookmark feature, which diplays favorites as thumbnails when you open a new tab, as seen on the PC versions of the browser in recent years. Another new feature is the ability to choose different apps to handle different types of links, for example, to send you straight to Youtube or Google Play Store.

Note however, that Chrome for Android Beta currently only works with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

(via PCWorld)