In an interview during the D10-conference organized by The Wall Street Journal’s technology blog, AllThingsD, Sean Parker said that there are signs that Apple felt threatened by Spotify. Sean Parker, who was the first President of Facebook, is now on the Board of Directors at Spotify.

When Spotify set out to launch in the U.S. the company was hit by delays on several occasions. The service was finally launched in the U.S. in July last year, two and a half years after the launch in Europe.

According to Sean Parker, there are signs that Apple had something to do with keeping Spotify out of the States, which led to repeated delays.

“There was some indication that that might have been happening,” Sean Parker told Walt Mossberg on stage at D: All Things Digital. “You hear things, people send you emails.”

Though Spotify CEO Daniel Ek didn’t comment, Parker was more forthcoming on Apple’s role: “There was a sense in which Apple was threatened by what we were doing,” Parker said.

He admits, however, that music represents a fairly small part of Apple’s business, and that the company does not worry too much about competing music services like Spotify.

“Music is still such a small part of their overall business, it wouldn’t be hugely significant to their bottom line,” he said.

AllThingsD also released all previous interviews with Steve Jobs from the conference as podcasts on iTunes.

(via AllThingsD)