Spotify for Android 4.0 entered public beta back in April, and today it is finally officially launched.  Spotify has used the old Android UI until now, but the new version has a completely redesigned and attractive user interface that matches the interface that can be found in Android 4.0.

This is the full list of improvements in the new version of Spotify:

  • Totally new app with full support for Android 4.0
  • Top-to-bottom redesign
  • All-new slide-out navigation
  • Even more social – check out friends’ profile pages and playlists on the go
  • Artist imagery in high resolution
  • Related artist view – available for the first time on mobile
  • ‘Extreme’ sound quality setting for 320kbps listening
  • So much faster!

Plus, since the preview release we’ve added:

  • Play queue
  • scrobbling
  • Crossfade/gapless playback settings
  • Widget – control Spotify from the home screen
  • Folder support

Spotify for Android (version 0.5.0) is now available for download from Google Play.

(via Spotify Blog)