There are many competing theories about the origins and nature of UFOs. For example, researchers Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger have a list of seventeen theories at their website. In UFO: The Complete Sightings (1995) by Peter Brookesmith, there is a list of nine theories. Further, these theories are often categorized.

In The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters (2001) edited by Ronald D. Story, the subject is divided into “conventional (unintelligent)” and “unconventional (intelligent)” encounters.

Others use terms like “natural” versus “unnatural,” “material” versus “immaterial,” or “physical” versus “non-physical” to categorize, or break down, the UFO situation. Choose whatever terms feel best to you. Below is a simplified breakdown that gives three categories of UFO manifestation:

  • External UFO theories suggest that UFOs are phenomena that originate outside of the human mind, whether physical, ethereal, or inter-dimensional.
  • Internal UFO theories suggest that UFO phenomena originate within the human mind—that they are psychological, spiritual, and/or inter-dimensional.
  • Internal/External UFO theories incorporate the first two categories into one, several of which offer inter-dimensional explanations.

Many of these theories can be interpreted as originating in one or more categories, depending on your viewpoint. For example, inter-dimensional phenomena can be described as external, internal, or internal/external, depending on your definition of the word—the objects can be physical and then morph into the ethereal, or vice versa.

They may also be physical in one dimension, go through a wormhole or stargate (see chapter 6) and also be physical in this dimension. Or they may be ethereal in this dimension and in others. There’s really no limit to the possibilities.

I see this particular breakdown as helpful because it helps you visualize the various alleged dimensions and how a UFO may travel between them. It helps you imagine the many inter-dimensional theories quickly and easily, and to see the subtle differences between other dimensions that are perceivable internally, as well as ones allegedly proved by mathematicians to have originated externally

I like to imagine UFOs phasing from the ethereal to the physical worlds, or internal images from within manifesting—not just as external projections, holograms, and/or hallucinations—but as physical, 3D objects. For me, it’s part of the fun with this kind of research.

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