On Friday, NBC announced that they have spent a day interviewing Apple CEO, Tim Cook. This is the first in-depth interview with Tim Cook since he took over as CEO of Apple after Steve Jobs on August 24 last year.

The interview took place at Grand Central Station in New York, a highly trafficked train station in the middle of the city.

Brian Williams, who conducted the interview noticed that no one at the train station seemed to recognize Tim Cook as they walked among the station floor.

“Unlike the man he replaced, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was able to walk all but unrecognized across the central floor of Grand Central Station,” Williams said in a video clip teasing the forthcoming interview. However, Williams said that Cook did get a ton of praise and attention once he set foot inside the station’s Apple Store.

The full interview will be broadcast on Williams’s “Rock Center” on Thursday this week.

(via IDG News)