Music is something that most people are happy to share with others, but there are very few music players that takes full advantage of all the social networks that has become part of our daily life. Therefore, it is almost a must to try Tomahawk Player.


First if not foremost, Tomahawk is a media player along the lines of iTunes or Winamp, which can play the music stored on your computer. The fun starts when you install Tomahawk’s content resolvers, which are basically plug-ins that can find music to play in a bunch of other different streaming services, using their search APIs, services like Spotify,, YouTube, Grooveshark and others.


Whenever you try to play a song, Tomahawk might use any combination of these sources to provide the audio. It will first search your own locally stored musicm but Tomahawk gets more useful when you’re trying to play stuff you don’t already have, for example, a playlist from a Tomahawk-using friend.

“When I want to play a song, or somebody sends me a song, they’re not sending me a song — they’re sending me the metadata about that song — artist, track, possibly the album,” explained Tomahawk open source contributor Jason Herskowitz. “Then, on my side, Tomahawk says, ‘OK, out of all the content sources that you have access to, what’s the best match?’”

Tomahawk is free, and is available for LinuxOS XWindows XPWindows VistaWindows 7 and Windows 8 and can be downloaded here.

Below is a very quick video tour of some of the features in Tomahawk: