Facebook ‘s iconic “Like Button” has within a few years become one of the most famous icons on the internet. You can see it on millions of websites outside of Facebook where you are given the option to “Like” different websites and articles you visit.

“In 2010, we introduced the Like button to the world. Together, the Like and Share buttons are viewed over 22 billion times daily across more than 7.5 million websites. Like and Share are important drivers of Facebook referral traffic, which is larger than all other social networks combined according to a recent Shareaholic report.”

Facebook has now decided that the time has come to give the “Like” button a makeover and the famous “thumb” will be gone. From now on it will be replaced by a blue box with an “F” and  the word “Like”. The “Share” button will get the same graphical makover.


Many users will probably look at this change as a strange move from Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg & Co. claims that the changes have already been very well received.

The change will be visible across the network in the coming weeks, according to Facebook.

For more information, vist the Facebook’s developers blog . Ironically, the blog post describing the changes has the classic thumb at the bottom.

(via dinside)