Tesla Motora Inc. just unveiled the world’s first dual electric motor car and announced that new safety and autopilot hardware is standard on every model of the new Model S.

The P85D combines the performance of the P85 rear motor with an additional 50 percent of torque available from the new front drive unit. The result is the fastest accelerating four-door production car of all time, while remaining one of the most efficient cars on the road.


That’s a combination that can only be achieved by an electric car. Not only is the P85D a match for the McLaren F1, but it also doesn’t need a professional driver to achieve optimum performance. Just put your pedal to the metal and go.

The Dual Motor Model S is already available. Deliveries of P85D begin in December for North America, to be followed by 85D and 60D in February. Deliveries to Europe and Asia will follow in the months afterwards.

Read the full press release here.