Remix OSJide Technology, the company behind Remix Mini has announced that it’ll be releasing an x86 version of Remix OS as a free global download in mid-January. The company says that it will be a major help for users in emerging markets, freeing them from the need to own their own devices, as it can be stored on something as small as a USB stick and then just plugged in to any old hardware.

3888523756This is what some people hoped Chrome OS would become. A productivity-focused take on Android that runs Android apps like they’re desktop apps.

In emerging markets where computer hardware is inaccessible for many, Remix OS aims to make personal computing more accessible than ever before. Individuals will no longer need to rely on personal desktops or laptops to create, store, and manage data, they will merely need to be within walking distance of a device–in their village, in libraries, in internet cafes, or in community centers.

The only thing you need to run Remix OS is an x86-based computer and a USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 with at least 8GB of memory. Once you’ve completed the installation, you can boot up your PC using either Remix OS or whatever OS was natively installed on your machine.